art journal week 1

December 25-31: Happy New Year, friends! Actually happy all the holidays… the past couple weeks flew by so fast I never got around to doing any typical “thanks for shopping with me in 2022” posts, or recaps of the year in business like I usually do. 

Of course work still happens “behind the scenes” though even if it’s not posted on social media! You might remember that one of the goals I set last year was to play more and make more art. I’m mostly focused on digital art at this point but there’s something to be said for using a variety of mediums in an effort to just practice more. 

Last year I saw a fellow maker creating an art journal like the one you see me drawing in here, and I tucked away the idea to start one myself in 2023. In addition to just making more art in general, I really love the idea of having this to reminisce at the end of the year. And also to have something new to share regularly that still respects the level of personal privacy that my family leans toward with social media. I thought I would do this weekly until I actually did this first one and it took a lot longer than I thought… it might end up being more of a monthly habit, we’ll see. 

My family gifted me some new art supplies for Christmas so I got right to work journaling this last week of 2022! As you can see we had a full week of holiday celebrations, travel, family events, baking, eating, drinking, gifting, relaxing at home with movies and, AND, our basement is FINALLY finished. Well. Minus one tiny contractor detail, and pending inspection, but. We definitely started moving our belongings back into the space as soon as we possibly could!

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