art journal week 2


January 1-7: Well it’s been another busy week and I’m realizing I should probably go back and add dates to these since I’m posting several days after when I actually draw in the journal and drawing after the events actually happen… everything gets blurry pretty quickly that way! 

Anyway I have been hard at work on several spoonflower challenges this year… I initially set a goal to do every weekly challenge in 2023 but I think I might change that plan and give myself a break here and there so I can save some time for other art projects. The upcoming challenges are all ones I have ideas for though so… we’ll see what happens!

We’ve been using our finished basement a lot, my kids went back to school this week, we celebrated Sean’s birthday on January 2 which was nice because he had the day off work due to New Year’s Day being observed on that Monday… 

My boys are in cub scouts and they got started with designing their first cars for the pinewood derby… they had no idea what to expect but now that the cars are cut, they’re excited to get to race day! 

Still trucking along on basement setup which I’m sure I could include just about every week for the foreseeable future…

We did an eventful last day of winter break and went to the children’s museum here in St. Louis to see a Lego exhibit that was pretty cool, and then also to see the movie Puss In Boots at the theater. 

Sean went cabin camping with both boys for the first time with their cub scouts pack, we had a neighbor’s birthday party to attend at a local gymnastics place, and August lost one of his two front teeth and the tooth fairy came as expected this time …maybe a story for another day… so all in all, a pretty great week!

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