art journal week 3


January 8-14: Time for another art journal entry… August fell asleep at 5pm after school one day… we thought maybe for the night until he was up at 2am hungry after skipping dinner.

I’ve been working on cleaning out stuff from our house as I often do this time of year.

More Spoonflower challenges… I places within the top 75 in the cross stitch challenge which was awesome, and there are an insane number of entries in the year of the rabbit challenge which is open for votes now. 

Had a million routine appointments all scheduled back to back this week… good to get some of those out of the way for the year early!

We had our first co-working session of the year for the creative powerhouse society, which was really nice as someone who spends a lot of time talking to myself most days!

My kids have been building this insane structure they deemed cat kingdom out of a bunch of cardboard boxes. I’ll share some pics of this in stories, it’s actually pretty epic IMO and I love their creativity.

We watched the league of DC super pets which was cute, I almost finished up the most recent season of ginny and Georgia on Netflix, August lost another tooth so he’s got the cutest gap in front now and I’m hoping it’ll stick around for spring pictures at school.

I got a new standing desk for my office! Took Nolan to a party at a local place called urban air and he was very brave to try some new activities I wouldn’t have expected him to. I also finished reading a really great book called The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. 

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