art journal week 33-34

August 6-19:

The last two weeks of summer! The first week we took a family vacation to Wisconsin Dells, just the 4 of us. It was fun! None of us had ever been to Wisconsin, which is kind of bizarre since I have so much family in the Chicago area... you'd think we'd have crossed the nearby border at least once before but we had not.

Wisconsin Dells is definitely a tourist town! Full of souvenir shops, candy shops, and tourist attractions that aren't worth the money ha! We did find a good balance of activities we enjoyed though. The Upper Dells boat tour was probably my favorite part. We got off the boat in two stops to see Witches Gulch and a dog jump from Stand Rock. I like hearing the history on these kinds of tours. We also did a carriage ride through Lost Canyon that was neat. The rock formations in this area are so unique and beautiful!

We couldn't escape the Dells without heading to a water park. We picked Kalahari because they had lots to do at both an indoor and outdoor water park and we are glad we did; it was a high of low 80's the day we went which I would have thought would be fine for pool play, but that temp hits a little different when you're that much further north and in the water! The kids were turning blue so we spent most of our time at the indoor water park in the wave pool.  

We played mini golf, had ice cream for several meals, and ate at a bunch of fun restaurants. Buffalo Phil's had a great Lego display, and brought our food to us via train. The Paul Bunyan breakfast was tasty for me and Sean but even the donuts didn't really hit right for the boys, sadly. We visited a venue called Grateful Shed that had a bunch of indoor (open air) permanent food trucks and a bar and listened to some live music. One day we spend several hours at a barcade that offered free play for kids with a paid adult. And while exploring downtown we found a Kelsey Montague wing mural... that's the first time I've seen one in person! All in all a great family trip and a great way to wrap up summer. 

We had one week at home after our trip prior to school starting. The boys wanted to hang at home a lot so I taught them how to sew some animal pillows. They each picked a design from my shop and we cut, sewed, stuffed, and hand stitched them up! A lot of it was still me doing the actual work- August was scared to try much other than stuffing- but Nolan learned how to ladder stitch his duck pillow closed and he was very proud!

They played with just about every Lego kit we own, and we did one last Field Trip Friday to Urban Air for juuuuust about the entire day. I got to hang out and read most of the time; I am fortunate they are at ages now where I can be a little less hands-on in a venue like this! We had our annual Meet the Teacher night at school and brought all our school supplies in, and then went home and had a pizza and movie night. 

I forgot to include books I read and shows/movies watched in this spread!? Probably because it was a little light compared to usual with our trip. I listened to The Most Fun We Ever Had during the drive... it was SO good, I really enjoyed. It's a long listen. I also listened to The Cousins, which I could take or leave. I like a good mystery... this was YA (which I'm typically a fan of) and kinda just ok. I finished reading Things We Never Got Over which was a decent story overall just a bit to spicy for me.

We're still slowly making our way through GOT and Only Murders in the Building. I realized that with this writers strike it's unlikely my typical fall shows that I like to watch ( Grey's Anatomy, the Chicago shows, a few others) will be back anytime soon bleh. But I've been keeping up with The Summer I turned Pretty, and just finished the second season of Cruel Summer.

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