art journal week 4

January 15-21: 

Our boys had a sleepover at their grandparents, we went out for a date night at urban chestnut (sorry UC, I massacred the logo on that one :P) 

More basement progress with bar stools, making decisions for backsplash and shelving within the bar area, and rug shopping for the tv area.

Finished reading “Educated.” I started this book several years ago and put it down half way through. Came back to it this week and finished it up. It was good, just not my favorite I guess! Sean and I started watching Wednesday- I know we’re late to the game but it’ll probably take us another two months to finish the remaining 5 episodes of the season tbh so. We like it so far!

We celebrated MLK Day and had a long weekend off school. 

August had a Boy Scouts meeting where we talked about healthy living… they made cars out of apples and grapes- that’s what those odd drawings are ;) 

Made it to the gym 3 days this week! I always feel better when I work out at least that often.

Continuing setup of my office and organizing all the things. Still a disaster zone/ongoing project! 

Set up some specific time blocks on my work calendar for things like “creative time” and “marketing time” in hopes that some structure will be helpful in feeling like I’m making progress with all of my plans.

Got my hair cut and went out for girl’s night/a friend’s birthday. We went to the restaurant Sean took me to on our first date in 2008!

Party prep… today (January 26) is actually Nolan’s birthday and he’s excited for his party on Saturday.

Sent out my first Letters From Camp newsletter of 2023!

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