art journal weeks 7-8

February 5-18: 

I've decided I'm going to go with every two weeks for this moving forward to save myself some time. So it was a busy couple of weeks between doing our taxes, various standard stuff like car wash after snow storms and haircuts, school events, birthday parties, and bodypump classes for me. 

Read a bunch of books, Nolan had a random sick day after an... event... on the bus ride home one day, and I've been playing around with mixed drinks in our new bar. 

I took a step back to refocus my annual planning for my business, participated in February's co-working session with the Creative Powerhouse Society and met some new makers, and started some sketches but haven't finished many lately. 

I've been working my walking treadmill into my work day when I'm at my desk, and am also working on my newsletter for February which is going out next week! 

Our sick cat Greta finally seems to have turned a corner and seems like she's gaining weight and feeling more like herself. We celebrated Valentine's Day, and the Kansas City Chiefs won the super bowl! 

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