art journal weeks 11-12

March 5-18: We celebrated Sean's Dad's 75th birthday with cake and family. It's been nice out so we've been playing outside with friends as much as we can to enjoy the weather!

I had a business meeting to discuss a potential partnership and ended up learning a lot about chatGPT for business use in the process. I set up some new bulletin boards in my office in hopes to finally get some pretty things up on the walls! Worked on an ornament design for the creative powerhouse society membership I'm a part of. Got clear on my business goals for the year and posted them up on my new bulletin boards so I can see them every day! I also attended a Shopify webcast and learned some new tricks that will be very helpful when I get around to redesigning my website later this year.

We had a meeting with our FA and Sean got some good news about a raise. I read/listened to a bunch of books: Signal Fires, As Bright as Heaven, Happier Hour, One Italian Summer, Ready Player 2, In Five Years.

Daylight Saving Time made us all sleepy for at least a week... I didn't think this was a thing until I had kids and now every Spring I FEEL it for sure. We made french toast for breakfast one morning and froze a bunch to have throughout the week. I've been selling stuff on facebook marketplace and it's... not fun ha! People are flaky.

Celebrated a couple of fun holidays: Pi Day, or STL day 3.14. I actually had to cover up my original drawing with a paper I inserted with washi tape for this one because the original I did with pen was SO bad ha! But hey... always a way to revise in a sketchbook, right? We also celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a bangers and mash dinner, Lucky Charms for breakfast, and LepreCONES (ice cream) for dessert. 

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