art journal weeks 13-14

March 19- April 1: My kids were on Spring Break so I spent a lot of time with them during half of these weeks! We went to a nearby Holiday Inn that has an awesome indoor pool and arcade and spent the night. We swam, played games, had a pizza party and movie night in the hotel room and the next day swam some more and then drove to Meramec Caverns to do a cave tour. It was really cool! My kids had never been in a cave before and August declared halfway through that he is, "INTO caves." They learned that they could drink the water from the stream inside the cave and Nolan says it's the best water he's ever had. 

We went on a trail walk as a family, had happy meals and gyros for dinner and got frozen yogurt one night. We also went to a local skating rink and my kids did a skating lesson, and then Sean and I joined them to skate for a few hours. It was so fun! We also made a bunch of recipes out of a Minecraft cookbook Nolan got at the book fair. All in all a pretty great Spring Break Staycation. 

I worked on my monthly email, Letters From Camp, and we had a Boy Scout event to celebrate the anniversary of BSA. Serengeti Steve came and brought a bunch of rare animals for the kids to check out... snakes, scorpions, lots of creepy crawly stuff and nothing cute or fluffy ha! He was a great entertainer and the kids loved it. Nolan was brave and held a snake! 

We had an early release day (right after spring break, sheesh) so I took the boys to a new to them cake venue and we played outside. I did all kinds of errand catch up after Spring Break and worked more on the basement with new IKEA cabinets and some much needed toy organization.

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