art journal weeks 15-16

April 2-15: We took the boys to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game on opening weekend. This was August's first game! There were THREE home runs within the first five minutes of the game. I had to explain to him that wasn't typical, and baseball isn't usually so fast paced, exciting, and full of fireworks in such a short time ha! 

We had a local election which for us means no school (schools are polling places) so we went to the library to hang out and check out books after voting.

We traveled to my parents' house on the other side of our state for Easter. Grammy set up an egg scavenger hunt for the boys, and they did a bunch of lego building and craft kids with dinosaurs. The Easter bunny brought baskets to our house before we left AND to Grammy and Grampa's house. And the boys had fun playing with my parent's dog Louie. 

Back at home, I got the boys interested in Rainbow Loom to make Grammy a birthday present and I am SO thrilled they enjoy it. I used to make all kinds of hemp bracelets and necklaces when I was younger so this kind of activity is really fun for me and I like getting my kids into this kind of thing so we can enjoy hobbies together!

I participated in a flower art challenge, we have been working on getting some much needed yard landscaping done, and I went on an adventure with the boys to find some geodes they would deem "cool" enough to spend their hard earned money on. August found an amethyst he loves and Nolan decided he'd rather save his money!

I spent some time in some local coffee shops and bookstores trying to switch things up for a new work environment. I read/listened to a bunch more books: The Soulmate, Four Thousand Weeks, All the Broken Places, When the Stars Go Dark, and the Finlay Donovan series.

Lastly, we got caught in an INSANE hail storm driving back home from Sean's parents' house one evening... I thought for SURE when I got out I would have massive damage because it was incredibly loud even after stopping to pull over but... I got out to check at a gas station and there was not a SINGLE dent!! Whew.

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