art journal weeks 17-18

April 16-29: We've been working more on landscaping now that Spring is fully here. Sean does most of this but I have been working with some local companies to figure out a drainage solution for an issue we're having in our backyard. Hopefully that will be complete before the end of summer! 

Nolan had a fun event after school where the third graders stayed late for a pizza party and watched the movie Sing. More scouts meetings, which meant I got a little bit of one on one time with Nolan while Sean was at a meeting with August, and we went for a walk together.

Monthly girl's night brought us to a burger bar called Stacked and an ice cream venue called Sugarwitch. I had one sandwich that was lavender and honey flavored and it was SO tasty. 

I've had a lull in books I've wanted to read being available so I've been back to listening to the Armchair Expert podcast. So much to catch up on! I also made a ton of appointments I've been meaning to make... various doctors, hair, FA, car stuff. Don't put this stuff off like I do and let it all pile up to need to happen at once! Sean and I are watching Game of Thrones together now. He had watched some of it before but we started from the beginning and we're almost done with season two now. 

I have been planning the lego wall section of the basement remodel! Hoping to get that all set up in May. We talked to my mom via Facetime for her birthday. I figured out a new system for organizing screenshots with an app called Screenshotter. It's a game changer for me and how I use my phone and photos app! 

Did some Spring cleaning around the house, went on a date night out for the first time in FOREVER to a local fave called Tequila, hung out with neighbors one evening while our kids played outside, and experienced a water main break in our neighborhood. This left our house without water for several hours which in the grand scheme of things wasn't a huge deal. Working from home though means I notice alllll of these kinds of things in real time and had to troubleshoot with the water company to figure out why our water was out in the first place. 

I took August to his first optometrist appointment. He was sad he doesn't yet need glasses! Yet, buddy. I am certain with his genetics that it'll only be a matter of 2-3 years before he does! The boys have been enjoying an after school art club, we took them to an event at the library that involved animals which was really fun, I did my first Costco run of the year and got my hair cut and colored. 

Finally, I also bought two new domain names:, and It's always bothered me to have the .co as people wonder sometimes if that's a typo, so it was important to me to finally get a .com for this shop of mine! I haven't decided yet which one I'll really be using primarily but they weren't super expensive so I figured I'd scoop them both up for now while I decide. 

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