art journal weeks 19-20

April 30-May 13: We celebrated my nephew's 6th birthday with family and a roller skating party. Lately we have been roller skating a LOT! Nolan also had a field trip to the same skating rink during this time. It was fun; they tied in a STEM lesson and had the kids take apart a roller skate and put it back together. 

Nolan had his very first week of state standardized testing. It kind of makes me sad that we start that so young, but the school made it as fun and rewarding as they could for the kids. 

I'm working my way through a long list of upcoming appointments... this week was car maintenance with an oil change and an attempt at upgrading the software on my Kia that I'll have to reschedule. 

The boys had their last day of crayola club which was sad for them; they loved that after school activity! They started a brief session of swim lessons though, just as a little refresh before summer.

I have been drawing a lot of flowers lately in exploration of where to go next with my art business. Flowers are a key subject in surface design, but I haven't often gravitated toward drawing them in the past! I am trying to develop my personal style in drawing flowers so I can expand my portfolio a bit.

We watched August perform in his very first school play... it was adorable! He is not interested in being a performer at this point, it seems. And he also had an end of school year field trip to the Butterfly House. It rained and was SO crowded... it wasn't the most fun really, but, the kids get get to ride the carousel that's in the same park so I think that experience salvaged things. 

August and I both had colds during this time which is never fun in Spring but it didn't last super long or prevent us from doing any of our activities thankfully. We celebrated Cinco De Mayo with a tasty Mexican dinner, cleaned off our screened in porch (so. much. pollen.) so we can enjoy it in these warmer months, and have been shopping around for new glasses for Nolan as he needs a new prescription!

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