art journal weeks 21-22

May 14-27: 

This was yet another a busy couple of weeks! We celebrated Mother's Day with a family trip to the movie theater to see "Super Mario Bros." I probably would have rather seen "Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret," but a. I didn't want to go see a movie alone on Mother's Day and b. "Super Mario Bros." was stinkin' cute! Great family activity.

The boys gave me a kindle e-reader as a gift and I have been using it every single day since! I've read Winter Garden and Romantic Comedy on it, and then listened to A Flicker in the Dark, All the Dangerous Things, and Maggie Moves on. Highly recommend Winter Garden, especially if you're a historical fiction fan. And Romantic Comedy was a great story too! Refreshing after a very serious read. 

My boys finished up this season of Scouts with their crossover ceremony to move up to the next level. I finished the lego wall in the basement! Well... almost. Still need to put a frame around it but I'm going to enlist Sean's help for that with the bandsaw because I don't feel like using it on my own. 

We hosted friends and family several times during these weeks which was SO nice... it's been a really long time since we've had anyone over for anything other than one of our kids' birthdays (and that's usually just immediate family.) We had great weather and grilled and it was nice to share our new (almost finished!) basement project with everyone along with the screen porch that we love having so much especially during Spring and Fall. 

LOTS of celebrations was the theme of these few weeks overall. My birthday, scouts, mother's day, the last day of third grade and kindergarten. Kindergarten had a small ceremony that was super cute... the kids "slide into first grade" by literally going down the slide on the big kids' playground. Our school has a separate playground for preschool and kindergarten so it's a big deal to get to join in on the big kid playground as they move up! Plus it's just incredibly adorable to watch 80 some odd very proud 5 and 6 year olds participate in such a ceremony.

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