art journal weeks 23-24

May 28- June 10: Our first weeks of summer break!  The weather has been beautiful so we've made the most of it with plenty of (blow up) pool and slip n slide time, and backyard fun with friends and popsicles. My boys and I worked on our summer wish lists to decide what we'll do on days they don't have camp/ I have work time.

I did a ton of summer cleaning, including the boys closets and clothing turnover (finally!) for the season, their bookshelves, and the toys in their rooms. Our upstairs bedrooms always seem to come last when it comes to deep cleaning so it felt good to get those things taken care of! I always feel a bit lighter when I can clear out some junk that isn't really serving a purpose in our home anymore. 

We had a scouting event the Sunday before Memorial Day. We went to a local veteran's cemetery, where we helped place flags on many of the 280,000 graves in the veterans' honor. I've been near the cemetery before, but walking in the processional, witnessing the opening ceremony, and walking throughout the whole area was just incredibly moving. I'm hoping that in future years our boys will start to understand the importance of being a part of such an act of honor.

We joined the summer reading club through our county library as usual. Lots of reading going on over here! I completed "Remarkably Bright Creatures," which I highly recommend, especially in audio format. Also read "Talk Bookish to Me" on my kindle (never putting it down; I love the convenience of my new e-reader!) and listened to "How to Keep House While Drowning." Which I think could be great for someone if you are in fact drowning with life responsibilities that make it difficult to keep house, but I was just curious to hear what it was all about after hearing it was good.

The boys started a new gymnastics class and summer camp this week. Both are so great! They especially love the gymnastics class and I'm looking forward to what they learn as the class progresses. Sean went to New Orleans for a conference, I finally ordered a new couch for the basement (that will be here in 8-10 weeks womp womp) and we went to Upper Limits for a little rock climbing session. I have been drawing tons of flowers as I figure out this new summer schedule of ours and squeeze in work when I can! All in all a great couple of weeks.

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