art journal weeks 25-26

art journal

June 11-24:

Sean got to attend a City soccer (ahem... football) game with his brother. Hoping we can take our boys to a game sometime soon! I worked on a long overdue project, which was repainting a potting bench we have out on our screened in porch. Sean built it when we moved into this house almost 12 years ago and at the time we painted it a rustic yellow color. I went with more of a Magnolia green to coordinate with our black, white, grey, and natural vibes in the space. I love how it turned out! 

I've been drawing lots of florals! I revamped a pattern I recently designed and sent it off to Spoonflower to order some wallpaper samples. I'm planning to use it in our new bathroom that we installed in the basement and have yet to decorate! 

Reading lots of books as usual!

Carrie Soto Is Back: Not my favorite. I can generally get into a book that's based around a subject I don't typically follow (in this case, tennis) but I just really couldn't with this one. 

One True Loves: Actually still have about 40% of this book left. It's so good! Will see how I feel once I read the ending.

The Bodyguard: This was such a fun read, definitely recommend. 

Webster: Short, sweet, and cute. I think this is YA (which I pretty much never discriminate against!) and it came up as a suggestion after I read Incredibly Remarkable Creatures, I think because it's from the perspective of the animal(s.)

The Nature of Fragile Things: Always love a good historical fiction. This author picks some great subjects too; this one is about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. I loved it but I think I loved her book As Bright As Heaven more. 

I started a new to me class at my gym called Burn Zone which is a one our HIIT workout that rotates between 4 stations. I typically do weightlifting classes so this is a nice change of pace for me that involves more cardio and still plenty of strength training!

Father's Day- we had a really great weekend this year! The boys had an idea to make a custom set of Pokemon cards for our family so I found a website online to help us generate those. Sean really seemed to like it. I gave him a 3D printer he's been wanting to get for a long time. We spent the night at his parents house after takeout and s'mores. I slept indoors in a normal bed, while Sean and the boys spent their very first night outside camping in a tent! They lasted the whole night and it was a total success. They can't wait to camp again.

The boys have still been doing summer school which has been a lot of fun for them and offers me a decent work schedule for at least part of the summer! They have also been doing a ninja gymnastics class that they absolutely LOVE one night a week. It's so cool to watch them develop strength and skills!

We went to a playground with one of Nolan's school friends which was nice It's a interesting to help my kids maintain friendships over the summer. I hadn't anticipated this aspect of parenting as it was much different for kids to keep in touch when I was a kid!

Finally, we traveled across the state to visit my parents for a weekend. It pretty much involved eating and pool time. Both my boys are total fishes and we basically had to drag them out of the water at the end of each day. 


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