celebrating ten years

If you follow on Instagram you might have seen these gifs I created for the countdown to our big announcement. I wanted a place for them to be housed on the website as well for safekeeping! 

7.29.19: Sound Off 🎉THREE DAYS until my big announcement!!! I spent years finding my place with Clever Betty. From hair accessories and purses made from upcycled materials, to tea towels, wall hangings and home decor, to kids designs, you could say my products have followed my life milestones as my interests have evolved. What began as a humble Etsy shop became a business that has ebbed and flowed consistently with my major life events. I couldn’t be more grateful to have the opportunity to mold it into something that supports my family while also offering us plenty of time together. It's been nearly a decade since this journey first began. Join me for a trip down memory lane in my stories today to learn more about the early days!

7.30.19: Wanderlust 🗺TWO DAYS until my big announcement!!! As someone who never really intended to become an entrepreneur, it took me a while to realize that *it's. not. about. me.* Yes, running a business does offer *me* all the benefits I already talked about but... in the grand scheme of things I'm doing this to provide quality handmade products for *you.* I know I'm a good designer, a skilled seamstress, and I have plenty to offer in both of those areas, but I needed some focus when it came to how to apply those talents and skills to a business. I went to graduate school. I created a business plan. I worked with some really knowledgeable people and successful companies. I quit my day job. I changed my mind and my plan a LOT. I created new products and refreshed my focus every few years... and I finally figured out where this business of mine fits. Join me in my stories to learn more about how I discovered that calling!

7.31.19: Setting Up Camp. 🏕ONE DAY LEFT until the big announcement!!! Sometimes it takes a while to lay a solid foundation. I am fortunate to have the most supportive partner I could ever imagine in Sean, who has been along for the ride the entirety of the establishment of this business. And when I say along for the ride I mean he has been quite involved in the process. From building studio and craft show furniture, taking product photos, and helping me learn how to take them on my own, to watching the kids while I work, and listening as I come up with countless new ideas and processes... I could go on and on about ways he supports me here behind the scenes, but let's just let it be known that he's played a BIG part in helping me lay that solid foundation. As have our two boys Nolan and August, who have inspired many of my creations and helped me focus time and time again on what's most important. I am 100% certain I accomplish more with less time now than I ever did before they were born! Becoming parents of course brought plenty of change to our lives, but it also gave me some direction in my career that I hadn't anticipated finding. Join in my stories today to see some behind the scenes shots of the family biz!

8.1.19: Have you heard the news!? I've Rebranded! Clever Betty Studio is now Camp Clever. As you can see from the past several days' countdown and reminiscing, this business has changed and grown so much over the past decade. I am so ready for my brand to *finally* catch up to it's purpose. You can read more at my fancy new website: www.campclever.co. Click the link in my profile to join me in celebrating this major milestone!!


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