clever betty is now... camp clever!

Have you heard the news!? I've Rebranded! Clever Betty Studio is now Camp Clever. This business has changed and grown so much since it began. Change is inevitable for any business, but especially so over the span of a decade. I am so ready for my brand to *finally* catch up to it's purpose! 

So why change now? Well, mostly because it is YEARS overdue. Clever Betty, its logo, and its branding, was no longer doing the job I wanted it to do. The products I offer have changed immensely over the years, and my target and customers have changed as well. And to be honest, it has taken me almost the entirety of the life of my brand to consistently and confidently present it the way I wanted. That kind of behind the scenes struggle made it really difficult to communicate the message I wanted to portray. So overall, this entire rebrand has provided the clarity I need to move forward with my brand's purpose. 

It's been a really interesting process to do all of this work behind the scenes while still trying to maintain day to day operations in business and in life. Thankfully, I haven't done it alone. The wonderful Kristin Pruis from The K Design Co. finally helped me kick things into high gear over the past several months. We worked together to come up with a new brand name, mood, logo, color palette, typography, all the necessary brand elements, and a strong message. I am so grateful to have had her expertise in refining what it is I want to present to the world with this brand. I'm even more thrilled with the end result you're seeing here at Camp Clever today!

It's been nearly ten years since I first stumbled into entrepreneurship and it took a while to lay a solid foundation. But today, in 2019, it's time to give this business a name that better represents what it has become through an exceptional decade of history.

This brand has always been about creating quality, playful, goods that inspire delight in everyday life. It has transformed into a place to explore our world with curiosity, imagination, and joy. Welcome to Camp Clever!


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